I’m absolutely crazy, I am very Irish, stubborn, extroverted, ADD, creative, restless, loud, very southern, and always need more friends



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  1. I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing! I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.

  2. I enjoyed your blog, I haven’t taken in 1/10th of what is there but feel the warmth and life in it. I gravitate to your unbridled romanticism and its texture. We are both married to very different people it sounds. I have wanderlust here in Portland, Ore and yes, the outdoors here. The shiny, wet, darkness of the rain season and the rawness of the misty weather. This weekend I went and parked downtown and walked 8-9 miles all over the place – through neighborhoods, along the river, train tracks, hobo camps, bar scenes and I felt alive, the grit of the underbelly exposed. I think that is why I connected with your writing. So I enjoyed reading about you too. Keep it coming.

    • thank you. I haven’t been writing as much lately because I have been battling depression and some severe health problems. I have found solace in photography so next week im having surgery and during recovery I plan to document everything that has been going on and write some more poetry. Thank you for your kind words. I am so honored that you connected with me on some levels. That is something really special for a writer to hear. Now I’m going to look and read some of your posts and I can’t wait to get started.

    • did you get my last comment? I replied and I am trying to click on your picture and it won’t take me to your blog! I don’t understand…..this is one of the highest honors I have gotten so far from my blog …..that someone would simply relate and connect to my writing. And now I can’t look at your blog!

  3. yes I just saw your comment this a.m., so glad you replied. I’m glad we’re on the same page or at least in a similar universe. And I don’t know about not being able to connect to my blog – you should be able to click and go to my account – but once there you will see nothing because I have never blogged (what a revelation). I am going to begin blogging about my rides and walks – I ride my bike – sometimes with a friend or friends – and often by myself – from my home that is West of Portland down to part of downtown and surrounding communities. Always hit at least 1 brewery or pub for a beer, maybe more. It is heaven.

    Sorry you’re depressed but you’re not alone. Hang in there. I hope your medical condition is not life-threatening and that after your 5/6 treatment you are able to move on. Let me know how you are.

    By the way, my pict is from when I ran track as a Sr. in High School – there finishing the 400M. It is old but I still look the same except I shave my head now.

    • I found it I think…..is it about an art gallery? I dont understand the whole gravatar thing quite yet…..I think you should def blog! It’s a great way to release all the stuff you hold in and keep down deep where it would or could be dangerous. It helps me….i think im gonna blog tonight actually….i haven’t written in a while. but I think i will give it a go.

  4. I admire the fact you can put your life out there, I am not that open. I guess I have used communication for too long in a corporate culture setting where everything is controlled and measured. I tend to keep my feelings to myself and it would do me good to speak up more. I’m a pretty out-of-left field guy and I can seriously understand, accept and enjoy just about anything. I just talking and connecting just for the hell of it, communication is not something that has to have a purpose or some control to it.

    I hear what you are saying about depression. You express it well. You don’t seem depressed in your writing outside of your descriptions of it though. You seems grounded. You have some pretty heavy experiences too, especially with you group.

    You are an outdoor woman too, good for you. You would like it in Oregon. I wonder what Charleston is like, it sounds interesting and probably totally different than here. For one thing, Portland is white – like 88%. Lot of Asians where I live but that is an anomaly.

    It sounds like you have a nice home life. You have comforts and a balance on the other side of you. Yet you have this wild untamed territory that is way outside the boundary. I get the feeling if I met you I would not think any of that existed given a surface appearance.

    You’ve got some weather to deal with. We never have anything wild, it is always mild here. And life goes on.

    • im going to have to reply tomorrow bc my tablet keeps hitting a button when i type and once you are off the conversation it doesn’t save your comment. so look for my reply soon. ill have to do it tomorrow night from the desktop. thank you for your kind words and compliments…..i have a lot to say but i better send this before it messes up again! reply to you soon! I like you a lot btw….lets keep this going….it means a lot to me. thanks again and look for a better reply tomorrow night or sat.

  5. write when you can, i like it too. i liked hearing your vibe with the cable guy, about your early morning trip downtown with lack of details. you do have a lot to tell me.

    i have had to stay here at the office tonight for a phone call and am walking home now. beautiful night and almost dark. summer is just around the corner.

  6. You went dark and I thought the worst but what do I know given the one-dimension of this site. I want to see more of your dark stormy writing, get on with it please. There’s texture there. Tell me about life in Charleston, the woods you came from. What you like about it. What revolts you. where you get lost and found.

  7. corporate man is back after a long hiatus. One dimension = only communication is from typing/posting here, that’s all. I like connecting with you too stubborn red head. drizzle has turned to a warm sunny streak here not at all uncommon although not entirely predictable. OK I will begin writing and look for your poem.

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