As of Today

the person I loved more than any other found something else,

I struggled to understand the absence, when day turned to night for many months

He left, chasing the American dream, it was his only skill set.

He told me once, “I have only two skills, and only one will keep me on your continent.”

And with much love and many castles in the air, I waved goodbye, in love, in confidence.

Many days fell away with little to nothing to show but the normal life problems.

Normal is a setting on the dryer, they say. And so it was with us.

The days, nights became less about us, and more about currency.

It seems I was not his first love, or his last in any way or measure.

His love was money, and as of today, he is still a slave to it.

My love lives a cold life, a lonely one perhaps even, but yet he stays

Way up there on the top shelf, and people like me, looking upward, have no use

We are nothing but the ones who get lost wondering why top shelf costs so much.

He climbed back down to me in the 1st quarter of Winter, held me, made love to me

It seemed so right, so normal, but….as of today, normal is just a setting on a dryer,

As of today, he is up there again on his shelf, slaving away to stay there,

As of today, isolation consumes him but he takes no notice, he’s top shelf after all.

And as of today, I now know, house liquor will get you just as drowned as top shelf liquor

As of today, I tore down my castles of air, and started over without the love I had once

As of today, I hold my head high knowing I will sleep just fine being bottom shelf

As of today, you don’t belong here anymore. You can’t come back down any more.

No longer will you use me as a stop along your way to the top shelf, or any other venture.

As of today, I decided I didn’t need a drink any way and got up to take my leave.




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