So Much- Has Changed

Since my divorce in the end of 2014- I have found everything I so missed when I was there.  All the poems and all the entries I’ve written about wanting something more in my life, by being in a loveless marriage.  Well, I have found it– my place in this world. My identity is not found solely in the failing marriage whims of my ex-husband. The need to be his version of “perfect” or his expected version of me has finally lifted like a dense fog.  I do as I please, since I found myself.  I have amazing friends, I am close to my family again, and have established my own groove, niche.  I have my own apartment- and this is a big deal to a 32 year old because my “homes” I’ve always lived in were bought and paid for by either my family or my husband.  Now, I can say- this is my house, these are my pieces of furniture I bought- mine. It’s all mine. I pay everything and manage my money quite well. I do better for myself than I ever did when I was married and working. Whether I worked for the ex-husband or I worked at a job, I never was happy, because they were jobs I felt were expected of me, not jobs I loved. I have found myself, grown up finally, have tons more poetry to write, and many more entries about my personal experiences finding myself as a girl left to herself- at last-and so here are my new stories. Welcome to Miriam 2.0 and also- here is to 2018- and stay tuned to hear all about 2016 and 2017 which I have to say was one of my most educationally difficult year of my life. Find out why and how I made it throughout the next chapter of this life. this crazy life. That is all mine.Screenshot_20171214-190715.png


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