As Of Late

As of late, I come to the fires of my friends

As of late, I venture out to seek comfort in the acceptance of others-and find it

As of late, my friends are doing the job meant so fatefully for you

As of late, my life is in a suspended floating position in this off-road time line

As of late, I send you bits of information you no longer care to read or speak of

As of late, the fire and warmth of others gets me by each day I still breathe and exist

As of late, my darling, I’m having to erase you from my mind and understand your plight

As of late, I’ve discovered how quickly….lovers, friends, family-can become strange

As of late- you’ve taught me so much darling-for you- oh yes you…made me new

As of late- I have settled on the decision your control on me is over

As of late, I am changing and learning- becoming intellectually inclined to say

That you- are late. Just too late for me and my new dreams- you bore me





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