No really, what the hell am I doing?

So today painters were supposed to come to the house at 9am (just like last time when they didn’t even show up til 3 that day) and they called saying they couldn’t make it until after lunch, this is not even counting the time i previous forgot to mention when they didn’t show up reallly a third time now…so anyway i get the call and i got a text from a buddy a good buddy but a random type text wanting to see what I was up to. It was quite early when he texted I should note. anyhow I took off towards the great adventure of downtown Charleston, SC. which if you haven’t ever driven on it, just go ahead and know its old, one ways galore, and its overpopulated by college students on skateboards who have death wishes or soemthing. anyhow I took off not really knowing where I was going which is downtown charleton thats never a good start. but I went. I made it too, did get mega lost on the way home. I was supposed to spend just about 2 1/2 hours but spent more like 4. Ineeded it. it was MAJOR. I don’t even want to type here on my blog what i did or what happened to me when I was there. lets just say i feel pretty damn good i don’t drink regularly so this was my option in the fridge and was told on the way out, “hey really drink that coke in that bottle.” Don’t know why, but knowing the person asking I’d say it had some sort of sentimental value. Like a 6pack of coke from your dead grandpa’s house or something. anyway. also I should let you know that I should not have been where I was….I knew what I was walking into, welll I had an idea, but the full picture i found out is a lot of fun. I feel younger for some reason. shhhhhh…..this is all confidential. but ill never tell you anyway.



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