Vacation Days


Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA



I’m writing because I feel good enough to do so….my husband and I finally opened up to each other and had that long awaited talk. Oh ya know about sex, compliments, being together, talking together, hanging out together…..what marriage is supposed to be like. I cried but let him talk as much as the boy needed to. He told me he was sorry about all of it and he sees now what I could feel like if I never looked his way from my spot on the couch or gave him compliments because I always do! Sorry that explanation mark is there because I got a little mad but now I’m back to happy haha. Well this week we are going on vacation together with HIS family, my family doesn’t really take them because of mom and dad always taking them together due to not wanting to spend any more money on us as humanly possible. (They’ve almost spent everything they humanly could when we were kids) But anyhow, we are going to Gatlinburg, TN for four days and I have to admit I’m excited because Gatlinburg holds a dear dear place in my life and heart. The Great Smoky Mountains is definitely a place to get your thoughts together and relax. Although, due to the fact that we will be going with his family and two spoiled spoiled rotten twins we won’t be doing any relaxing. What is that saying? That you won’t love kids until you actually have your own? Or the only kids to love are your own, and everyone else needs to just stop buying them anything they want? No, seriously the girl (they are boy and girl twins) she went to the dentist because she was hurting, (shes 5) and they eventually found 6 cavities and she had to have two root canals. Think about it. Anywhoooo, we will be tired as fuck when the day is done. Gatlinburg is considered the Myrtle Beach of the mountains, meaning its fulll of wonderful wonderful activities. Dollywood is there (which I plan on riding the TN tornado until I can’t stand it and puke) so we are definitely going there. But what I am trying to say is….the day is starting around 8 in the morning (because you have to set an alarm to vacation with these people) and won’t end until 11 pm. Only to get breaks at lunch and dinner and listening to the parents letting them order whatever they want off the menu or wanting a hot dog at the steak house! Then of course when the food arrives they don’t want it anymore. And you may think I am just talking……but I’M ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS they never want their food and end up crying because they don’t like this cheeseburger or they want what each other has. Anyway…..(sigh) there’s more to do then you actually can in Gatlinburg….with all kinds of neat places you’ve only dreamed about due to the exclusivity of the mountain shops. Also theres a ton of rides and places to take kids like Wonderworks and they have built a to-scale model of the Titanic. Thats just a couple I can name….there are tons more. This family, well my family now as well, has a saying, “go, see, do” and thats what we plan on. To never stop, to never quite moving, oh and if you want to sit down and relax they’ll talk about you saying….ugh miriam doesn’t want to do anything ever. Ya know, something along those lines. How fun! Right? ughhhhhh…..but needless to say I have already packed and am very much looking forward to the trip….despite all of this. Because A) I do love them and I am the only one to be able to say anything about them, B) its the mountains, C) not only the mountains but Gatlinburg, TN……and when you were born in the Blue Ridge Mountains and you move to the beaches of Charleston, you miss them. You miss them greatly. Esp in the summer when its 104 degrees here and there it will be more like 73. Anyway I’m glad I have wordpress on my phone so I can talk about how great it will be, what I experience there (because i know I’ll get more then just my cozy mtn cabin) will be a lot because of his family, and the pictures of the mountains I can post. It will be beautiful….you should just see those leaves! The color will knock you on your ass. Good times….:)


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