Fed up with critics on writing

“I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly.”
– Edgar Rice Burroughs

I love to debate. I do, I really do but excuse me if I don’t have the higher thinking of literary criticism. Actually I know about it because I took a masters level course in college known as Literary Theory. I think when someone sits down to write, as long as its not all teeenagy and angsty, let them have it! Hell, let the teenaged angsted people have it! Writing has become this thing that apparently is on this high up mountain top that you have to climb through and suffer through. I don’t think so. I really don’t. I’ll climb the intellectual hill all day but when you put a Hemingway sentence on the board and New criticism critics go at it, I could blow my brains out. Hemingway is known for writing very long and never ending paragraphs, but we even put him in a category because of criticism, but in reality I love soaking up every tasty word he writes because he has the most perfect way of detailing things and bless his heart he just can’t find the end of his thought. In this, he has become known for his long sentences and like I said, never ending paragraphs. I just read a post about someone who told all their bloggers not to self publish and to not do this and that with their writing. Well, I’ll write all damn day long and if no one likes it then no one likes it. It’s the passion of the art form, the emotion we put into our works that makes it special. Oh! and don’t forget about the story! Oh the stories we tell, without them I’d cry. It’s all about getting your story out of your head, the thoughts prick  your brain and scream at you to just write them down! Isn’t that what writing should be about? I think so. And I’m finished ranting about that.



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