Escape from Charleston

20130831_121858.jpg20130831_121925.jpg20130831_140448.jpg S20130831_121934.jpgo, last weekend on the Labor day holiday, I decided to do something impulsive…..I left the South and flew straight into JFK (after an annoying stop at Charlotte and walking my legs off, not as bad as Atlanta but still) and I went to New York City! I’ve been all around the world but never up north in America. I absolutely looooooved the city. When I was in Times Square, all I could do is just stare with my mouth open! I mean it was day light there! I had a very nice companion and he showed me around the cool spots. The only problem is….I didn’t tell anyone I was going! I just had the chance to go and be flown there and stay in a very nice hotel for free. It was a once in a lifetime chance….to me. I must say the food, no matter what restaurant we went into served the beeest of the best food. Haha come to think of it, the friend, the boy always looked to see what the food rating was on his trendy iphone before we went in. We partied our ass off on Saturday from like….brunch to around 11pm. It was great. I have so much more to write but let me post some pics….I do know we stayed on 55th and 6th….I didn’t get enough pics but more writing and pictures are coming! Those who read my blogs you know this Southern Belle doesn’t get out of the “dirty south” much. I mean I don’t even leave my house! lol. The south says….”you know-in how we ball, ridin’ in shiny carrrwws, walkin inside the mall” and NYC says “look at me! eat with me! drink with me! have fun with my stores and sidewalks!”


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