A Handwritten Letter From My Father….these meant a lot to me

It was a Saturday night when he wrote this, around September 25, 2008. These are the truth and I will type them word from word. Back story, Father’s a preacher, with masters in music theory from University of South Carolina, my mother, teacher with a doctorate in Education from Furman University. They met at the same college I graduated from, but back then it was only a 2 year school. Oh yeah, and my dad owns a hunting preserve. It’s awesome. I love it.


sat night

Dear Mimi,

Thought of you all weekend. Hope you are happy. I hope you will get to come home soon by yourself and spend sometime with us. The woods are getting pretty now and the days much cooler! My time of year! I’m getting to hunt physically and mentally, but I fear my body is failing me, I’ll be ok, but my spirit, says “Lord!” His spirit guides me and call me to walk in the right way and I try. Though I fail some. Another verse from Revelation, “and they overcame him (Satan) by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives til death.” I want to be faithful in my life. Nothing else on Earth is worthy, or relevant in the end. I pray you and Justin will be drawn close to God and you will hear His still small voice calling to you. You are so young and have much life and vigor to offer to The Holy Kingdom. Say, “Here I am Lord!, use me, send me, fill me!” Please come asap. I love you- you are still my girl and I need you, Mom needs you too. Well, I’ll go to bed now. Hope you have a blessed week and experience the Lord’s  blessings and presence as never before!

Love you from here to there,




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