Letters From My Father….Old Wisdom, many more to come!

June 15, 2008, Given to me after the wedding. Sent to me via mail. These are handwritten.


I can speak two languages (Bahsa Indonesia), yet I am unable to completely express the deep love this old daddy’s heart holds for you. Yes, I do love you and many a time wish I had said it more…We have been through much with the emphasis on (THROUGH!!!!) Now, you have been started another chapter of your life yet unwritten. The story will be with you as you with it. Emerson wrote of the “road less traveled.” Christ spoke of it too, “the narrow gate” The road less traveled and the narrow gate is where true faith meets with true joy. (Matthew 7:13) And then true purpose! Everybody else is on the worn out path, the broad road. I encourage you and your husband to turn aside from the world a bit and try out the narrow gate that leads to life. I want so to pray for you to be happy :), purpose filled. Pray, pick up your crosses and follow Him. Mimi, His Spirit leads you. This isn’t dogma, it is advice after living in this crazy world 60 years! It makes no sense if Christ is not in the center of all we do. (Matthew 6:33), I want you to know that all is above is the secret to peace with God and the beginning, and giving, and forgiveness will do it. So, me first, Will you forgive me, If I failed to listen, to understand or if a lived like I should have? My own incompetents as a dad showed often. I’m sorry, -I am very proud of you, you stuck it out through some rough spots and with praying and purpose is why you made it- —-mostly because you are so capable. Pick up your chin and your pen girl! Your’re Tops! you’ve got two kinds of people in you, American Cherokee and Irish! Let’s all be true to Jesus and finish strong for HIm. We love your husband too. He’s God’s gift to you….and to us. Now! This is it and this is for both of to know….two simple phrases, remember them to survive!

“I’m sorry, please forgive me.”


“you can never do anything to make me stop loving you!”

Yelling won’t do it, talking about it won’t do it, pouting won’t do it, or even if you say, “you’re right….” wont do it!!! You are gonna be a great team. Find a church, find some friends, and keep the ‘flame’ going! Ill see you soon and I expect a hug

With all my love,

Your Dad

P.S. “oh yeah and Miriam, slowly put the knife down and back up!…..ha!



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