the continuing of….life…

The Lost Girl.

After I complained so much about the night before. My husband wasn’t speaking to me, wouldn’t even look twards me! All because I got some of Earth’s medicine, I mean, its a fucking flower…anyhow I was lost in my own world I hadn’t even noticed the change that it did to him. which apparently made a complete CONTROL FREAK.  It does scare me about you know, he does keep my keys locked up because I was deemed with a responsibility affliction. This was not decided by my doctors, but because of my friend Liz and my husband teeming up on me 2 weeks ago……another woman in my house skeaming on how to tell me a bunch of shit that wasn’t exactly on point. I don’t know, here’s the sign Miriam, do what we do Mriiam, act like us Miriam, listen Im different …..fucking there! I said it!  Annnnd every one else hgahahahaha. thought this was funny

Ha, This is it. Fuuuuuuk. Mind your business! I willl happily report that yesterday he came home with my favorite groceries, the birthday cake I never got! It was sweet. I won’t lie ever on here…..but this is such a roller coaster…I guess I will let the life vortex take me to where I am to be….to be

 well It fun to dress up if your depressed, or lonely….its makes me feel happy, I lay around the house in a BCBG Max Mara dress and shoes on the back prorch while I drink sweet tea.


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