My Glorious Evening

I’m sitting here watching Teen Titans on CN about a girl who ambushes the team trying to find out because she could control Rocks, cement an on…well they immediately called her, if my hearing is right, “rock molester,” but this isn’t it. My husband came in demanding, get this done, or bring me my dinner, and dessert as well. Right, he’s taken my keys so I never leave my house, and I tell him, he’s “jerk!” He responds with a question. “Miriam, what is the thing that you did for me to act this way towards you? (WHICH MIGHT I MIGHT ADD includes no sex for almost two months, not caring about my day, nor excited to see me, asking me now when I’m going to be doing this all night…)?” And I answer, Me, me getting pot …ALRIGHT ALREADY, I KNOW HOW YOU REALLY FEEL ABOUT IT NOW! RELAX!” He says, yes, good. I might update this post later but this is My Glorious Evening, 

Miriam Elizabeth



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