The Last couple of days… update to read

Ok, here is my life lately, I’ve been itching to write about it, but mother was here she would playfully come over to me, “whatcha doing there?” Sliding she would lean over and start reading outloud. She is paranoid, that someone we; as a family, would see my blog and OHHHH it would shame you. I fear that too, I do not connect to any facebooks, or “share”, This is my blog about how it really went down. Again, a record of my life. WElll, the fabulous story begins with me several several days ago, The beginning of August, I could feel it. This story is about weed…so it you are not comfortable, please don’t just, but just click on fressly pressed or something, Occupy  out elsewhere. Thanks…..well weed was a big part of my life, and let me say this, I would rather have a few puffs from a vaporizer and then go about you day, but instead of pills, just give us doja medicine, it helps with so much much more. Anyhow I lose my place sometimes; forgive me, I have a lot on my mind. Well on my birthday a good friend (grown up with, actually), came and we rode go carts, and all that jazz.The boys surprised me and you know what? I beat the pants off of them in golf. Mini golf that is. every time 2 strokes is all I needed to win. yay for me! It was my birthday! Well, anyhow. Ok, so the day before my birthday or on the eve of  my birthday randomly gave me some doja (MJ) not a whole lot but I just had a gravity so yeah cool, I couldn’t believe it and, I was excited, I cold get it from aplace safe, I’m never going downtown to get herb ever ever …..blahhh. Well you see the new girl is named Nicala, some joke with her and call her Tessla. Any how, I smoked all day (doja) my husband though it perfect.What is the big deal about it, It works better than ibuprofen and if you were prescribed pain medicine, you take it and your OUT! And when Nicala was pulling out the tiny sack, then my husband and all of us seemed to have fun to make away to smoke.We made gravity…….well one the friends mentioned above helped me out  and I got about an eighth. The husband soon turned into a super monster. This friend hand delivered and was a friend! How much safer is that yall? Justin decided AND is seriously seriously upset with me, he won’t even look at me, even though its his friend!!!! For the love!!!!ughhh, whatever I have been ignore since almost 3moths now and we havent made love in even almost 2 months. Apparently, I let him down when I got a little “medicine:      ” He told me



“NO!”  and I said, IM HEREDOING JACK SHIT SO I’M GONNA STAY AND DO MY THING. ” AND i HAD JUST CLEANED THE HOUSE, SPARKLING CLEAN…..HE IS PLAYING SOME IKIND OF :STAR WARS VIDEO GAME.HE HAS MENTIONED HES LEAVING ME, BUT THATS JUST NOT POSSIBLE,HE WOULD LOSE ME. That is what i’m screaming in my brain. this is bullshit…..but ….what do you think? Just remember this is me. And there’s always more to come….


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