Middleton Place Plantation


My mother and I went to an eerily and ominous place that also reminded us both of a fairy tale castle. In the south, especially in Charleston, SC (where the civil war started) there are tons of plantations that have been kept restored along with the art, silver, and furniture. Also amazing paintings! This particular house was owned by Thomas Middleton whose signature is written all in caps on the succession document for South Carolina, and Thomas Middleton signed the Declaration of Independence. Anyhow, as I walked through the grounds I felt the wind blow on my face just grazing it with pleasure from the Charleston sun. I felt like I was truly back in time on a plantation in the Great South. Then, we toured the slave quarters. Thomas Middleton owned 10 plantations, 50,000 acres, and 800 slaves. Middleton PLace is where he decided to keep his family. Also, the film, The Patriot was filmed at Middleton place; however, even though the slave quarters were sort of like tiny brick apartments homes, I knew and felt the unrest among the atmosphere. I felt a cold chill run through the nerves in my body. The civil war had to happen! No one should ever be able to own another human being! I know also that the war was on state’s rights, but even though Abraham Lincoln once had slaves, (yes they did have slaves in the north), he understood that they were to be not sold as items, not beaten with whips, and to be employed to work if they so choose or go out and make businessman or doctors! So I have to say it was an eye opening experience. We all know the Civil War stories, but to really be there walking through the rooms filled with the 18th century items and decor it just really moved me. My mom and I had a very very good time. I am going to post pictures…..




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