My Blessed Mother

I am sitting here writing as my mother sits beside me. She is beautiful and she came because of all the drama that happened in the last few weeks. Today we went to the park in the evening just to have a walk and talk. WE stopped by the playground and she decided she was going to swing. She got me to as well. Here is me smiling, smiling in the twilight at my beautiful mother. She can make me smile even through the most broken of times. Bless my mother as she dries my fallen tears, bless my mother for being here to tell me, “girl,  you betta get now ya hear? Give me your hands, right now! You are better than this and it’s time yo momma fixes this demon outta you!” Here are more pictures of just the fact that she won’t take whines for an answer and to show I am actually having fun. NO one in this world could pull me from my darkened rooms and from being just a big potato but my mother. We’re now sitting here watching the Atlanta Braves. They sure are doing well. WEll this post is short because I have to go help my mom with finding a hamper for her washed clothes. xoxxoxox









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