My so called life.

“Let me say this to you again sweetie…life ….life is tough and you just have a lot of problems right now but believe me, everybody has problems.” These words were said to me by my mother yesterday. Yeah so im having a hard time and yeah maybe when i have hard times they all cluster around me like dualing hurricanes….and yeah…maybe i am all those things people think about me….but i have a spirit bridled with flames and thunder. Im not understood because i live every moment screaming on the inside for something else, something more! Heavy is my burden and annoyances for petty games. I so badly want to conform and cave my mind in to whatever they desire but the girl inside sees the games as premeditations to keep my soul confused. I will start keeping record of my strange and very real situations so that when the games are no longer a foot i can see what is right and what is  accounted for in truth. This is my story about my hurricanes. The most unlikely and most awkward fire bridled spirit seeking normality to make things seem more like life and less like childsplay.


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